Thursday, December 25, 2014

Spouses on Christmas

This is my first time ever Christmas Celebration with my sisters and the boyfriends ! Don't get me wrong, it's all the couples + my mum. There are 3pairs of spouses, my second sister (boyfriend couldn't make it) and my mum. We had pot luck party and everything went well (my eldest sister cooked pasta and it was surprisingly delicious)

Gift Exchange.
Both of them are my most important people in my life : my boyfriend and my mum. 
My mum got the present from my boyfriend, LOL. It sounds funny. Look at my mum, she looks so happy *yayyy*
Before the gift exchange start, he said "I will for sure get girly stuff because there's all woman in the house ! " and yup, you're right ! You're getting a sweet lovely heart gift from me :) But it's okay lah, I got him starbucks card + some snacks inside and i thought he will feel better. Unfortunately he said that this is his 6th Starbucks card he had,LOL.
The sisters got the present from each other, lol.
It was fun, look at what Elaine (left) got for SuetLing(right) 
8 fcking bottles of PRINGLES ! LOLLLL.
Good Job sister *thumbs up*

My sister basically helped her boyfriend to buy the Christmas present but ends up she got the present from him, damn sad. 

Welcome to the Saw's Family !
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
I really enjoy celebrating my Christmas with all the "new members" in my family. Never feeling regret to celebrate with my family, it was something that I've never experienced before and we planned for more up coming events as well. Stay tune (;

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Early Christmas

Christmas Present To The Love One.

I took me about 45 minutes to wrap it. 
I've never spent so much time on wrapping a present. 

But everything is worth it to see his silly smile ! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cycle Trip

We had never have any healthy activity since after the Pangkor Trip. Went to this place where you can rent the bike and cycle at the super duper huge park. So planned to go early in the morning because my friend told me had to go early before all the bike rent out. So we arrived there around 9am, but it was drizzling heavily. 

We decided to go cycle when it's stop raining BUT IT NEVER STOP
Ugh. We just cycle in the rainy day
He planned to wrap his head like a Sikh because the helmet is extremely smelly 
(with all the sweats)

Well, it's not too bad, because when you're cycling in a group. They joke around while cycling. Seeing your friends are so exhausted and cannot cycle on the hills part is so fun ! Although I'm one of them that also have no stamina to cycle when we have to cycle to the top. 

**We took 2 hours to cycle around the park. FYI, it's SUPER DUPER HUGE place to cycle.

Look at the environment !
It looks like an island and seriously doesn't look at you're in Malaysia when you're here.
And, we started to cam-whore 
We found the survivor ! LOLLLLLLLL.
It's so pretttyyyyy !
typical tourist LOL.
and we decided to take pic with other cyclist,heh.

We spent about 30 minutes snapping and hanging around at the cactus park
After that, we cycle to another place where it seems more likely a "playground".
 And yeah, there goes our "photos shoot" session. I don't know what's so nice about there, but i just love taking picture everywhere. 

We went for lunch @ Setia Alam after cycling. 

So we went to this Sushi Restaurant, 
there's this little girl keep staring at us when we're having our lunch. Well, she's extremely adorable so we keep playing with the little girl but ended up she got scolded by her parents because she's too naughty. BUT I REALLY LIKE HER SO MUCH. 
She superrrrrrr cute that i would want her to be my daughter
*the cuteness, not the naughtiness*

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Halloween !

So i was been called up s to go out with my friends for dinner RIGHT AFTER I'VE DONE MY DINNER. They are going to this really expensive restaurant and offered me just have to pay RM20 for the dinner if im going with them. My answer ofcourse yes lahh, heh. 
We went to this western food, Morgan field. They serve really good pork ribs ( Garlic BBQ is the best ), my favorite on that platter is German's Sausage and French Fries *slurpppp* and i was also surprised that the muffins was SOOOO GOOD. The muffin doesn't look attractive compare with the food around them, but i tried out the muffin. It's corn's flavor, sounds weird but it is just so good. Everything on the "plate" is just so good, satisfied ! 
Thanks guys ! 
RM20 is just enough to pay for the service tax , LOL

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Three ladies.

We found that it's very hard to organize and call out everyone of our friends (11 of them) if we want to meet up so Limsyau, Fiona and I formed a group called "the adventurous" because where we will always go hunt for new staff to try specially when things are free *heh* The group members will increase if there's friends that always like to hangout like us! So this group is basically started from three of us and our first adventure was-


Our purpose of going out together is to go for a free trial for English lesson @ the curve and it ends up not bad. It's about learn to speak with British essence, write an right essay and learn to be friendly & outspoken. FYI, the lecturer is a ANG-MO, not Malaysian. (but i would not go sign up for the course because it's bloody expensive)

So we ended up go for dinner at IKEA, MEATBALLLLLL ! Shit, it's still so nice as usual.
 *slurpppppppp *

Something's wrong?

Yeah, Limsyau actually wanted to dabao(pack) her cinnabon but the ikea restaurant do not provide take away service. So she has to take bread all around like that, SO FUNNY.
Mission complete 
(Fiona with her fcked up hot-dog without fillings,LOL)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Limsyau of the day

Happy Birthday LimSyau !
She's my secondary classmate, it's hard us for not to not to talk when we're sitting next to each other. We talk about everything includes bullshits,lol. A friend that always "ON" when there's any outing or event. She's my partner in crime, laugh non-stop on shitty things and KS-partner. We've been knowing each since age of 14 and now you're turning to 20 ! 

I'm really happy we still hangout and keep in touch, we have no awkward moment although we've never see each other for quite a period of time. I can't express all my feelings in words, I will probably write an essay if i have to talk about our friendship so i  would like to jump into the conclusion(lol). 


Limsyau, you're a very good friend of mine (full-stop)